About Us

The S.S. Lazio 1900 is a non-profit organization (Onlus) built on the foundation of a specific declaration by the General Council of the S.S. Lazio a.s.d, known as the Lazio Multisport Club, founded in Rome on the 9th of January 1900. The Foundation aspires to the principles, values, morals and sporting heritage of the Biancocelesti founders and pioneers.

The Lazio Multisport Club is the largest sports club in Europe, founded in Rome on January 9th 1900.

It has 121 years of history, 10 Olympic gold medals, 1 gold star award, 1 gold collar award for sporting merits

In over 120 years, Lazio has built numerous talents and promoted different sports disciplines, talents, social inclusion as well as cultural and artistic expressions. Since its early years, the Biancoceleste Association has also promoted a number of recreational monuments, educational and charitable institutions such as the Asilo Lazio in Via Veneto, the use of sports facilities for social purposes and has worked to help people with disadvantages.

The S.S. Lazio Foundation intends to carry on operating in this way, devoting its efforts to helping those less fortunate, enhancing talents, preserving the historical heritage and cultivating an identity and contribution to something much greater: the Common Good.


The Foundation aims to promote the following through sport and cultural initiatives:

  • Healthy lifestyles focused on physical activity, environmental sustainability, health and nutrition.
  • Social inclusion and integration against all forms of discrimination and marginalization
  • Community welfare with the dissemination of cultural activities of social interest and with educational purposes

Moral Entity

Lazio was built as a Moral Entity and as a result of the proposal of the Minister of Public Education, Benedetto Croce, and through the Royal Decree of June 2, 1921 Lazio’s purpose as “public utility” was officially recognised.

2021 marks the one hundredth anniversary of this decisive recognition: the Foundation was created to convey and confirm the moral strength of the Biancoceleste institution and to tangibly translate the principles and values of the Lazio founders and pioneers into actions. (photo of the royal decree)

Principles and Values

The sporting and social vocation of Lazio has accompanied the history of the city, with the flow of the Tiber and the seasons. The Foundation therefore protects and promotes all this human capital handed down from father to son for 121 years, drawing inspiration from:


Gabriella Bascelli is the President of the Foundation.

She has worn the Lazio blue and white colours her entire life as a Lazio athlete, winning 23 Italian titles, one gold, two silver and one world bronze medal in the junior, U23 and Senior World Championships.

She took part in two olympic games, Athens 2004 and in Beijing 2008, with the Italian National team and winning a gold, bronze and two silver medals at the European Championships. After graduating in Political Science with specialisation in International Relations, she obtained a Master’s in Sports Law and Management and has had many years of experience in European, national and regional sports projects.

She currently collaborates with the Sports Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as part of a project with Studiare e Sviluppo and works a as a Project Manager at the European Multisport Club Association – EMCA in the preparation of projects within the Erasmus + sport program. She has also recenctly finished a consultancy job for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialised agency of the United Nations, for the development projects in third world countries. She is a permanent member of the board of directors of the European University of Rome for Scientific and Technical Psychology and is a board member of the Lazio Rowing Club in Rome. She is married and is mother of two 5-year-old twins.

Greetings from the President

Dearest friends,
the S.S. Lazio 1900 Foundation has been built with a firm mission, that of helping our community, social inclusion as well as to value the history and tradition of Lazio which has inspired tens of thousands of athletes, coaches, managers, as well as millions of fans and supporters for over 120 years.

I am truly honoured to be the President and at the same time I pledge my commitment to you. As a sportswoman, I am honored and eager to dedicate myself to this mission and hope that you will accompany me on this new adventure. As a child growing up in South Africa, I had the opportunity to practice many types of sports and that is why, even today, sport plays a central role in my life, in my work and in my projects. In two circumstances I experienced terrible accidents that forced me to be hospitalised for long periods of time and left me in a wheel chair both times with a temporary physical disability. I know what sacrifice means and how much sport “regenerates” us and makes us feel alive. I am convinced that through sport it is possible to achieve great goals such as social inclusion, health, friendship, equal opportunities and many others. Nelson Mandela, originally from that South Africa where I grew up, stated that “sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to create hope and unite people in a way that nothing else can”.

My goal as President and as a person is to continue to bring to life to these words that are a source of inspiration for me. I believe that, through the S.S. Lazio 1900 Foundation, we can change lives and give hope to many people. As I have mentioned before, I know that with the support of the entire Biancoceleste family, especially the Lazio sections and clubs all over the world, that togther we will be able to achieve these goals.

A sincere, heartfelt and profound thank you goes to the General President Antonio Buccioni and to all the Presidents of the associated sport sections and activities. A very special thank you to you for taking the time to read and visi tour website. Please consider the possibility of joining our project and supporting social inclusion activities through sport, active citizenship and enhancement of the Biancoceleste culture within the Foundation. Together we will do it: concordia parvae res crescunt.