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Lazio is reknowned for its historical significance, solid roots and it’s bond with the “Biancoceleste” association. It has been valued for it’s commendable research and historical dissemination of Lazio Wiki as well as the Centro Studi 9/1/1900, an indispensable job for the transmission of knowledge of our world

Proud of our identity and the historical heritage, we work to transform the memory of our founders, athletes and supporters into tangibile projects .

Il volo dell’Aquila

Presidente Mario Pennacchia

Aquilifer Erika Balestrieri

Fabio Argentini

Lazio Wiki

CS 9/1/1900

Gianluca Mignogna

Marco Impiglia

Museo delle Maglie

Raffaele Galli

Paola Piola

Società Sportiva Lazio
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