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We are the largest multisport club in Europe.

More than 70 sports disciplines, 10.000 athletes, 400 coaches, 400 managers. Awarded a golden collar for sports merit, Gold Star for sports merit, 10 olympic gold medals, 16 world championship titles, 26 european championship titles. Over 500 national and international titles. The vocation to cradle the specific talents of girls and boys through the most suitable disciplines. Not forgetting anyone. Not forgetting anyone. Sport for each and every person.

SS Lazio, the dream of sport for all. The story of our roots and our objectives.

alla storia

Lazio is reknowned for its historical significance, solid roots and it’s bond with the “Biancoceleste” association. It has been valued for it’s commendable research and historical dissemination of Lazio Wiki as well as the Centro Studi 9/1/1900, an indispensable job for the transmission of knowledge of our world

Proud of our identity and the historical heritage, we work to transform the memory of our founders, athletes and supporters into tangibile projects as well as honouring the memory and Foundation of Gabriele Sandri and continuing with the work that has already begun.

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The SS Lazio multisport club is one of the founders and has been part of the European Multisport Club Association since 2013 ( Today EMCA represents a large segment of the European multisport sector, 27 multisport clubs, over 3000 national titles, 7000 European titles, 250 Olympic medals, hundreds of thousands of athletes, coaches, sports managers and millions of fans.

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alla città

Born in the heart of Rome more than 121 years ago, the Lazio’s calling has always been that of sport and social initiatives as well as the history of the city on the banks of the Tiber. Lazio has always worked towards its founding values and supporting the city: the continuation of common goals and the Common Good.

alla passione

The passion towards our Lazio population has always distinguished us and been a part of our DNA. We aim to continue our support especially in times of difficulty, just like a real family. So many people that find a sense of belonging through a common passion, the Biancolcelete passion.


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The SS Lazio 1900 Foundation has a sports vocation. At a national and European level, we have participated In over 21 projects worth a total of 3,9 million euro of co-financing from the European Commission.


We are home to sport and culture which have the power to change the world, uniting people through hope. This Is what we have encouraged for the last 121 years. Since the beginning, the Lazio Multisport Club has promoted a variety of different sports sections, recreation, education and charitable establishments such at the “Asilo Lazio” which was created In Via Veneto to help those in need. Promoting the bond between physical and mental health forms part of our DNA. It Is our culture that nourishes our minds.